Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beer and Benadryl Blogging

I got sidetracked yesterday and wasn't able to pick up my prescription. (I found out tha the pharmacy could give 5 pills until my insurance company authorized the refill. Ok, they didn't "give" me the 5 pills...they ended up costing about $30. That's $6 freakin' dollars per pill!!!!). Anyway, I didn't pick up the Ambien yesterday before the pharmacy closed, so I decided to go the beer and benadryl route. Obviously by the lack of a blog last night we all know how that worked. I went from wide awake to zonked out in half an hour. Good news is that I picked up the Ambien today and took it about 15 minutes ago, so we should be good. Stay tuned for tonight's posting. I had so much fun on "Yahoo Questions" I think I'll go back there tonight. I am just amazed that I didn't get banned yet for some of my answers. Now I'm on a mission...exactly what does it take to get banned from that site?

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  1. Now you've got me wanting some insomnia is you think ambien is the best sleep-aide????