Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This one is going to suck

I've let myself down tonight. Every once in a while I encounter what I refer to as a "dud" Ambien and I think I got one tonight. In my mind, that rude clerk at Walgreens switches out a few of my Ambiens with a placebo. That bitch....I'm kickin' her ass the next time I go up there! (You know the Ambien is not working when I become violent....I am usually all about the love on Ambien).

I'm reaching out to my followers....inspire me....give me something to write about tomorrow night.

But for tonight, you are stuck with some lame yahoo answers I posted. Sorry


  1. Looks like you've discovered the Yahoo answers trolls. (Judging by the question you've answered from the "girl" asking if she's hot.) Lol. They're all over the place on there.
    If you want to have some fun, (and maybe find something to blog about) go check out some of the more heated sections of Y/A. The "Religion & Spirituality" section is full of people fighting about religion. (Mostly atheists vs fundamental Christians, which can be quite fun to watch.) The religion section is under "Society & Culture".
    The other best heated section is "Politics". For obvious reasons.
    I'll warn you, though, the people in those sections are downright vicious. Lol.
    I feel for you with the "dud" Ambien. I don't take it all the time, I only use it occasionally, but I have found that the closer together I take them, (like two nights in a row vs taking them few nights or a few weeks later) the less of a reaction I have to them. I don't have nearly the reaction to them anymore than I did when I FIRST took them. When I saw you said you've been taking it for years, I was surprised you still have any reaction at all, because for most people, you develop a sort of "immunity" to it. Maybe that's what's actually happening in your case.
    --"Isobel" :-)

  2. Ambien Girl...wherefore art thou, ambien girl? Lol... we haven't see you on here in a while...what's up? I'm on here, and I've actually taken Ambien in anticipation that you might be posting. A conversation between TWO Ambien-influenced women just might be amusing. you...anywhere.