Sunday, August 23, 2009

I've built up one hell of a tolerance or I've got Spina Bifida

Holy schmoly...I've had a horrible pain in my neck and back since yesterday morning and nothing is getting rid of it.  Here's a run down on what meds I have taken. 

Saturday morning 8:00 am -1 prescription anti-inflammatory and (Skelaxin) and 1 Advil

Saturday morning 10:00 am - Not even a dent in the pain so I take another Advil

Saturday noon - The pain is getting worse. Time to pull out the big guns. Take 1/2 pain pill (Tramadol)

Saturday 1:30 - NO RELEIF WHATSOEVER....Say "fuck it" and take the other half of the pain pill and another anti-inflammatory.

Saturday 3:00 - I'm still in pain, but now I'm high. What a waste of a high.

The rest of Saturday was a blur, but I woke up Sunday in pretty bad shape.  I've self's either Spina Bifida or Multiple sclerosis. 

I just took an Ambien....I hope I don't pull a "Heath Ledger."

I'm going to go answer a yahoo question as I am out of inspiration today.

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